Differences Between Superfast Carbodies Taxi Models

The Carbodies Taxi FX 4 R was released in 1987 as MB174 (UMID SF0322). A handful of models were made, mostly released in Britain, Australia or ROW. An updated version called the Carbodies London Taxi was issued in 2005 as MB667 (UMID SF0714), with releases in the 1-75, Superfast and other series. Although no official blank was made, several Code 2 models were created against various of the standard versions.

The base information and casting are very different:

  1. MB174 heißt Taxi FX4R; MB667 ist ein Londoner Taxi
  2. Die Basisdaten spiegeln ihre Veröffentlichungsjahre wider
  3. Der Maßstab für MB174 ist 1:60; für MB667 ist es 1:63
  4. Das Gussteil des Fahrgestells für MB174 ist einfacher, mit einer offenen Zange und einem einzigen Auspuffrohr nach hinten. Doppelauspuffrohre zum neueren Thema.

Other differentiating features are:

  1. The rear door on MB174 opens; it is cast shut on MB667
  2. There is a rectangular license plate cast into the front bumper of MB667; no plate on the smooth bumper for MB174.
  3. A small sidelight is cast onto both front fenders of MB667; MB174 fenders are smooth.
  4. Metal base on MB174, plastic for MB667.